Oho, the plot thickens! Who is that Ermehn hiding in the tent messing with the merchant’s stuff? Clearly there’s a premium on distracting this Tamian merchant, and what better way to do that than by offering to buy “all of them”? Beck is continuing to prove herself as one capable of drawing and keeping attention — hopefully with you, the readers, as well!


New Jersey Comic Expo went very well last week, with a good number of new readers showing up and buying the paperback version! There have also been some promising new developments on the distribution front, too — early times on that, but I’ll be sure to share any news there as it happens.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all our US readers, by the way! I hope your turkey day went well, and that your leftovers prove tasty for as long as they last!

This week, for guest art, we’re going back in time a bit! I realized the other day that I had missed out on posting a wonderful piece by artist extraordinaire, Temiree — a mini-comic featuring Sratha-din superstars Bevan and Hardin! I seriously cannot believe I haven’t posted this before! The inspiration came from the scene at the end of Chapter 2, when Bevan tries (and fails) to calm Dakkan after Quinlan was shot, rationalizing that since Quin was only shot in the shoulder, it was totally fine!

Its Still Good by Temiree

Bevan’s always about finding the best of any situation, no matter how dire. Sometimes it gets him angry glares from Hardin, and sometimes it gets him clocked in the head by Dakkan’s staff.

Thanks so much for the amazing artwork, Temiree! Sorry I haven’t posted this up until today!