Phew, looks like the distraction worked! Yelling out an obscenely large amount of money is always a good way to draw some attention — let’s just hope Beck can keep talking and keep that Tamian merchant out of the tent. Picking locks is tough work, especially when you’re under pressure. It’s way harder than Elder Scrolls and Fallout would have us believe!


As some folks might have seen on my Twitter, I’m excited to announce that I will be collaborating with Armello developers League of Geeks (specifically LoG Founder and Studio Director Trent Kusters) on a series of novellas that expand the world and characters of Armello in ways we simply couldn’t do in the game.


So yeah! That should be a fun project you can look forward to! I haven’t written prose like this in a while, but Trent’s doing an amazing job on the editing front, so with our powers combined I think we might be onto something here!

This week, two special items for guest art! First, a wonderful piece done by Elson “Darkspeeds” Wong of our favorite Tamian Royal Captain of the Guard!


This is just the first of a handful of pieces Elson did of the Western Deep cast, and I’ll be posting up the others in the weeks to come. As I’ve mentioned here before, and as regular readers will probably be aware of, Elson is currently working on a sweeping comic audio drama based on the initial chapters of Western Deep! He’s sent us an audio sample of the climactic battle scene of Chapter 1. While the final version will feature a motion comic-style presentation that syncs the visuals up to the voices, for now you’ll just have to click through the pages as you listen to this sample! Enjoy!