OH NO IT’S A GUARD-oh it’s just Rook. Hey, Rook! So, this is a bit of a milestone, isn’t it? This is the first time a Polcan has had a speaking line in any Western Deep comic! Way to go, Rook! You’re breaking some serious boundaries here!


Also looks like Beck is in over her head a little bit. Or maybe she isn’t! Maybe this is all part of the plan!

There are two things I like about this page:

1.) The allusion to Felis-designed locks being more complex than their most likely Vulpin-designed inferior cousins. I can imagine the locksmithing guilds constantly at odds between the two cultures, with lots of industrial espionage going on between them to seek out their ancient locksmithing techniques.

And 2.) Everything else.

Yeah, I know, I threw you all for a loop there. Pulled a little scheme.

For guest art this week, I wanted to share a piece that Jerijune posted up! Looking at his gallery, it’s pretty clear that we’ll need to feature some more Jerijune originals in the coming weeks for sure! :D It’s a Western Deep OVERLOOOOAD!


Thank you SO MUCH Jerijune! I’m loving all this amazing work, and you do some incredible crowd scenes! Can’t wait to share some of your other pieces with future pages!