Maybe Beck is pretty good at haggling, or maybe she’s terrible. I wouldn’t know — I’m pretty awful at haggling. My experience in it comes almost exclusively from a trip I took down to Mexico about five years ago, and I wasn’t very good at it. I’m pretty sure I would up negotiating for more than the starting price a couple of times — which was the inspiration for Beck’s… “technique”.


As always, Jerome’s method of condensing my dialog results in hilarity! I imagine these lines in their voices and chuckle a bit.

Speaking of chuckles and laughter, I absolutely HAD to share this Christmas-themed post (since Christmas is less than a week away!!) from Saraa Luna of her Enerus character from the Western Deep fan-fiction Ice Burn! This poor Canid seems to be handling the holiday season with a little less enthusiasm than most.


Pretty sure that’s not cocoa he’s drinking. If I had to guess, it’s got an alcohol content higher than most gasoline. Seems a requirement when you’re rocking an “ugly sweater” like his. Also those antlers. THOSE ANTLERS.

Thanks so much for the holiday-themed artwork, Saraa! And thank you to all our readers for providing me, Rachel, and Jerome with plenty of cheer throughout the year.

Lastly, we’re running a little holiday sale on the Western Deep BigCartel store! Check it out here — we’re selling the Volume 1/mini-print/bookmark bundle for $10+shipping through the holidays! That’s a heck of a deal!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Cheerful Holiday to all our readers!