Oh no! BUSTED! Looks like the plan’s unraveling pretty quickly — but Beck’s nowhere to be found, and neither Asha nor Rook are in the tent! Then again, neither is the chest they were trying to open! That merchant looks a little shocked, to be sure!


I don’t have much of a long post for you today, but I did want to take an opportunity to wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday! To help celebrate the holidays, Jerijune decided to assemble together a piece with regulars from the Western Deep cast and members of the “Salmon Party” — the unofficial (but still mostly official) name for our wonderful, amazing, incredible commenting readership! Check this thing out (highly recommend you click for more detail)!


It’s Christmas awesomeness at its most awesome! Though to be clear, the traditional Christmas Eve dinner on display here is Noche Buena, a tradition in the Philippines (from where Jerijune hails) that involves tons of food, family members, and friends.

The characters from left to right are:

Brea (VarVau)

Dago (Jakub)


Jerijune (Jerijune)

Ashworth (Darkspeeds)







Fourth Master’s character (no name atm)


Enerus (Saraa Luna)

Charrgaff’s character (no name atm)

I LOVE how this turned out, Jerijune! Thank you so much for this incredible Christmas gift to us and all readers of Beyond the Western Deep!