They’re pretty high up! Nessa’s building’s aren’t actually that tall compared to, say, the trees of Terria or the architectural marvels of Gair (the Spire being the tallest structure ever built in the Four Kingdoms) — but relative height doesn’t mean much when you get up there yourself. Even if Cain and Yurk are in a relatively low place in the Four Kingdoms, it’s more than tall enough to make even a light acrophobe like Cain a little nervous.


The overall concept of Cain and Yurk ascending a tall structure was actually inspired by Jerome’s own personal hobbies — most prominently is his love of parkour, which he regularly practices with PKPH (Parkour Philippines). As a bit of an homage to that, Cain and Yurk are thrill-seekers of sorts, which has the convenient side effect of letting us put them in all sorts of crazy situations!

This week, some follow-up guest art from jerijune featuring Cain and Yurk! First up, a little Pulp Fiction-inspired badassery!


Cain and Yurk aren’t quite as cold-blooded as Vincent and Jules (and also aren’t assassins!), but they do make quite the striking pair either way! To follow this up, Jerijune sent a full sketchpage inspired by Jerome’s from last week depicting all sorts of fun scenes!


While I love everything here, I particularly love that top-left imagine with Cain and Yurk being super chill bros while Hardin (or is that Bevan?) facepalms in the background, clearly questioning his life choices.

Thank you SO MUCH for sending all these amazing sketches, Jerijune! We love them all — you’ve totally captured the silly bro power of Cain and Yurk :)