Whoops! Perhaps Yurk should have invested in a better bag? Or maybe Cain shouldn’t have entrusted his lunch to Yurk in the first place? These questions may never go answered — but we can all be certain that whatever’s in store for next week’s stunning conclusion will be one for the history books! Maybe.

Actually, don’t hold me to that.


I’ll be heading to New York Comic Con tomorrow, though only as a guest. Still, if you’re going to be at the show, I highly recommend stopping at the Action Lab booth 3044 and checking out the Action Lab panel in room 1A05 at 3pm! I’ll probably be hanging out at the Action Lab booth for a bit, so please do stop by and say hello!

Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to plug the game I’ve been working on the last two years: Space Miner Wars! Yes, hard as it may be to believe, I do actually write things that aren’t fantasy stories with animal characters :) Space Miner Wars is a free-to-play action-RPG where you customize spaceships, mine asteroids for ore, and attack other players’ space bases. I was Senior Game Designer on the title, and also handled the writing duties for the entire storyline.

The game is available on iPhone and iPad for free, so please do give it a download and try it out! If you have an Android phone or tablet, don’t fret! We’re working on that version next!

This week, Jerome asked me to post up a fun piece he did of our mysterious and popular Lady Canid from Deltrada! I figured it was probably a good idea to post it up now, before the events of Chapter 2 got too far removed from our collective memories. Was it three weeks ago that it ended? Really?


It really is impossible to draw her and NOT have her look completely badass. Here, Jerome has portrayed the dutiful Canid soldier in the midst of chopping your head off. Don’t worry, it’s probably nothing personal.