The startling, earth-shattering conclusion of our (first?) Cain and Yurk tale! What a huge inconvenience for poor ol’ Cain! Maybe if Yurk’s in a good mood he’d be willing to share?

Eh, probably not. These Canid/Ermehn friendships can be pretty treacherous!


Anyway! With this, our initial foray into Nessa is complete, and we’ll begin to dive into the main arc of Song of the Eastern Sands starting the week after next (with a title page next week for the chapter, as per our usual modus operandi). Jerome and I are both incredibly excited to begin the main event!

As a bit of a celebration of Cain and Yurk’s entry into Western Deep canon, I figured I would share a fun little mini-comic brought to us by longtime reader and contributor, Saraa Luna (based on a separate unrelated comic that made the internet rounds a while back)! Readers have had some fun with the “bromance” between Cain and Yurk, and this comic is no different.


Thank you SO much for all your amazing (and occasionally hilarious, as demonstrated by the above) artwork, Saraa! It’s always fun seeing our characters through your lens :)

Another special surprise this week! In addition to Space Miner Wars being released on iOS, Dust: An Elysian Tail, which I helped to write, was ALSO released on iOS at the same time! To celebrate the release, creator Dean Dodrill drew up a fun little comic — his first comic in quite a while, actually. I helped with the wordsmithing, and I think the result is pretty great!