This page collects the art that generous readers have sent us so far. Thanks, guys!

If you’d like to contribute, send your stuff to:

thewesterndeep (at) gmail (dot) com!


Canid - by Sawyer


Quinlan - by VarVau


an excellent commission from Jerome Jacinto


Hardin - by VarVau


Shells - by Caroline


Lutren - by Sawyer


Hardin - by VarVau


ink sketches (Quinlan, Dakkan, Kenosh, Hardin) -by Jerome Jacinto


Quinlan - by Jerome Jacinto


Vulpin - by SaraaLuna


an improvement on Chapter 1 page 28 - by Dakkan


Crim recruitment poster - by VarVau


a clearly superior version of Chapter 1 page 33 - by Crim


Adventure Time Quinlan - by SaraaLuna


Adventure Time Dakkan - by SaraaLuna


Stylized Canid Art - by SaraaLuna


Musical fan works by Jacob Kingzett:

Theme from the Deep

Lutren Seas

Prelude in F minor for 4 Horns (Journey)


Quinlan figure - by Caitlin


Liam Neeson for the voice of Kenosh - by SaraaLuna